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Dental Hygiene

Skilled in all aspects of dental hygiene in Upper Hutt

The level of care and expertise you deserve

You can trust all your dental hygiene requirements with Art of Dentistry. We have the experience, technology and compassionate approach to care for your teeth.
The hygienist at our practice in Upper Hutt has been highly trained in both general and advanced dental hygiene techniques. We take part in extensive training and continued education, giving us the ability to produce astonishing results. 

We invite you to come and experience the high standards of quality we have to offer.
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Tailored hygiene treatments

At Art of Dentistry, we not only offer a range of dental hygiene treatments. We will tailor a treatment to you.
    Your hygienist will take the time to carefully listen to your concerns, so they can make recommendations and create an individual treatment plan. This will allow us to help you achieve your desired look, feel, and function. 
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    Latest technology 

    For all treatments, we utilise the most advanced techniques and technology. With our continued education we are fully trained in the use of the latest dental technologies, so we can provide you with the healthiest and brightest smile possible.
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    Friendly, professional advice

    As part of our dental hygiene services, we can provide professional advice on how to best care for and maintain your teeth every day. This will improve your oral health and save you having to make multiple visits to us during the year.
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